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Agriculture Rubber Hose India
Agricultural Spray Hose of Rubber

Application: Agriculture Spray Rubber Hose India is Used for agriculture spray liquid formulation of insecticides, fungicides and pesticides.Paras Rubber Hose India is a credible Rubber Hose Pipe manufacturer in Delhi(India). PI offers a wide range of Agriculture Spray Rubber Hose by using high grade material.

: Uniform seamless lining consist of oil resistance rubber compound.

: Plies of rubber impregnated textile or braided textile reinforcement consists of natural or Synthetic fibre.

: Smooth, cloth marked finish, made from suitable rubber compound.

Type 1A & 1B WP 10 kg/cm2 and BP 30kg/cm2.
Type 2A & 2B WP 20 kg/cm2 and BP 60kg/cm2.
Type 3A & 3B WP 40 kg/cm2 and BP 120kg/cm2.
Type 4 WP 55 kg/cm2 and BP 165kg/cm2.

Nom. Bore in (mm) Tolerance on Nom. bore (mm)
6.3+ 0.75
8.0+ 0.75
10.0+ 0.75
12.5+ 0.75
16.0+ 0.75
20.0+ 0.75
25.0+ 1.25
W.P. :Working Pressure, P.P. : Proof Pressure, B.P. : Burst Pressure, 1MPa : 10.2Kgf/Cm2 1Kgf/Cm2 :100KN/m2
Length : Mandrel made hose upto 20 mtr., Moulded braided hose in continuos long length.