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Water Suction heavy Duty Hose India
Rubber Water Suction & Discharge Hose, Heavy Duty
Application: Water suction Rubber Hose India is used for dewatering and delivery purposes during deflooding, handling for waste water, sewerage and mud at maximum working pressure of 0.7, 1.0 and 1.5 MPa. Paras Rubber Hose is a credible Rubber Hose Pipe manufacturer in India. We offers a wide range of Water suction Rubber Hose all over the world.

Type: Type 2 - Hose having smooth bore.

: Natural/synthetic/blend rubber compound lining for water and abrasion resistance.

: Reinforcement of rubber impregnated woven textile applied on bias at approx. 45º angle combination with galvanized steel wire.

: Corrugated cloth marked finish outer cover made from natural rubber compound resistance to water, sunlight, UV rays, ozone, abrasion etc.

End Connections
: Each hose length has soft ends for Clamping or can be supplied with built in nipple and flanges on request.

W.P. of 0.7 MPa &min. B.P. of 2.1 MPa .
W.P. of 1.0 MPa & min. B.P. of 3.0 MPa .
W.P. of 1.5 MPa & min. B.P. of 4.5 MPa .

Nom. Bore in (mm) Tolerance on Nom. bore (mm) Min. Thk. of Lining (mm) Min. Thk. of Cover (mm) Min. Thk. of Filler (mm) Length of Soft ends (mm)
38.00± 1.502.001.501.0080±5
45.00± 1.502.001.501.0080±5
50.00± 1.502.501.501.0080±5
56.00± 1.502.501.501.0080±5
63.00± 1.502.501.501.0080±5
75.00± 2.002.501.501.0080±5
200.00± .003.502.002.00145±5
250.00± 3.003.502.002.00145±5
W.P. :Working Pressure, P.P. : Proof Pressure, B.P. : Burst Pressure, 1MPa : 10.2Kgf/Cm2 1Kgf/Cm2 :100KN/m2
Length : Mandrel made hose upto 20 mtr., Moulded braided hose in continuos long length.