Rubber Sheets
Natural Rubber Sheet in India

NR or Natural Rubber Poly-isoprene is derived from latex liquid extracted from rubber trees. Originally cultivated in the Amazon region, it is now cultivated extensively in South East Asia, Africa and India. This rubber has excellent mechanical properties, low compression set and high resilience. It also has excellent dynamic and rebound properties. The operating temperature range is from -50° C to + 90° C.

In some areas, NR is compounded with SBR to increase the temperature resistance of natural rubber sheet.

Colors- Black/white/beige/any other color.

Main Properties:- It offers excellent mechanical properties like high resilience, low compression set, high resistance to cut, tear and abrasion etc. NR also has excellent electrical properties.

Natural rubber sheets also offer resistance to many acids, alkalis and salts.

Main Limitations :- Bad resistance to oil and organic fluid.

Applications :- Application wise, they are used as skirt-board sheets, bridge bearing pads, shot blasting sheets, Chute Lining, High Tensile Tan Gum sheets and commercial sheets with & without cotton insertion etc. The NR rubber sheet is also used as food grade sheet if compounded especially.

Common Name Chemical Name Nomen-clature Hardness Range Low temperature resistance Heat resistance Tensile strength Elongation Strength
Natural RubberPoly-isopreneNRShore A 30 -90-30° C Max. Continuous -75° C
Max. intermittent-
105° C
Up to
200 kg /cm sq.
Up to 800 %
Specific Gravity Thickness Width Length Surface Insertion Packing Compression Set
1.05-1.8 gm/cm³ 0.5-6 mm
10 m
Plain (smooth)/ fabric marked/patterned.Possible –Nylon/cotton/polyesterRolls/flatsMax.50% for 22hrs at 70° C