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Canvas Hose Pipe India
Canvas/Cotton Hose

Application: Canvas Rubber Hose Pipe offered find functionality for firefighting through delivering water supply to the affected areas , fire engine , fire cabinet ,ship , garden irrigation. These Canvas hoses feature unique construction where these can be wrapped up flat in empty state in comparison to other pipe types that are generally cylindrical in shape and consume more space. This feature also makes these pipes easy to store as well as less bulky in usage, thus making them easy to move around. Paras Rubber Hose is a credible Rubber Hose manufacturer in India. We offers a wide range of Canvas Rubber Hose Pipe by using high grade material.

: High-quality Natural Rubber Lining.

: Natural Rubber Lining Fire Hose has good properties of abrasive-resistance, aging-resistance, corrosion-resistance, long life, strong adhesion, cold-resistance, light & portable, low flow resistance, easy winding, etc.

: Available in different categories depending on their application and composition Versatile and highly hoses. Can be laid flat when idle thus providing vital space saving. Hoses reinforced by polyester yarns to withstand higher working pressure.