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Hot Water Hose Pipe manufacturers in India
Hot Water Hose

Application: For conveying hot water at a temperature below 100ºC and at a pressure up to 0.7 MPa in locomotives, steel mills, power stations, chemical & fertilizer industries etc. Paras Rubber Hose India is a credible Rubber Hose Pipe manufacturers in India. We offers a wide range of Hot Water rubber hose all over the world.

: Smooth lining of suitable rubber compounds, uniform in thickness, resistant to the hot water.

: Plies of rubber impregnated woven textile or braided of high strength natural or synthetic fibre.

: Smooth, fluted or cloth marked finish of suitable rubber compound of good weather resistant to abrasion, tear and heat.

W.P. of 0.7 MPa & min. B.P. of 2.2 MPa.

Nom. Bore in (mm) Tolerance on Nom. bore (mm) Min. Thk. of Lining (mm) Min. Thk. of Cover (mm) Woven Textile Woven Textile
Outside dia. (mm) No. of Plies Outside dia. (mm) No. of Plies
10± 0.751.51.016.5215.51
12.50± 0.751.51.019.0218.01
16± 0.751.51.022.5221.51
20± 0.751.51.027.0325.01
25± 1.2521.033.5434.02
31.50± 1.2521.040.5441.02
38± 1.2521.048.5547.52
45± 1.502.51.056.5557.53
50± 1.502.51.061.5562.53
56± 1.502.51.067.5567.53
63± 1.502.51.076.5675.53
W.P. :Working Pressure, P.P. : Proof Pressure, B.P. : Burst Pressure, 1MPa : 10.2Kgf/Cm2 1Kgf/Cm2 :100KN/m2
Length : Mandrel made hose upto 20 mtr., Moulded braided hose in continuos long length.